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West Coast Soccer Association National Showcase Tournament

Come Test your Team against the Top Teams in the Nation. Los Angeles, CA April 24th weekend

2020 National Showcase Tournament - Los Angeles


2020 National League Reminders

Here are some quick reminders for the Spring National League

  • Make sure you are verifying time and location of games with opposing team at least one week prior to match
  • Team contact info can be seen on each team page.  Scroll down to Team Contacts 
  • Refs - home team needs to secure/pay for refs. If you do not have an assigner you can reach to Michael at  Wear Whistle is a new ref assigner system that is very easy to use.
  • Rosters- please make sure you have your players registered before you first game.  Cick Here for directions
  • Rules - Click Here are Rules for league

If you have any questions, please email

National League Team of the Week

The National League presented by Aztec Cup Sports, would like to congratulate UNCP as Team of the Week.  UNCP hosted Wintrop University last weekend and came home with a 5-3 victory. 

If your team would like to be nominated for the National League Team of the Week, please just email

2020 Spring League

Aztec Cup Sports has been approached by several college club teams/leagues to help organize or create a 2020 college club spring league.  

Here are some details:

  • Season Starts as soon as weather permitting and teams can play.
  • Season Conclusion - 1 to 2 weeks before Finals
  • Cost: $250 to cover website, trophies, league expenses, partial coverage of post season tournament, etc. 
  • Amount of Games: 6 - 8 depending of amount of teams
  • Travel - we are aiming to keep travel to around 1 hour trip for games by car if possible. 

Teams are responsible to find/pay sanctioned refs for games and have individual player and team insurance. Aztec Cup Sports can help you find refs in you need.  Unfortunately league fees do not cover ref costs. This will be covered by host teams. 

Applications will open on Nov.1st.  If you have any questions, please contact

2020 Spring Scheduling Sheet

Please feel this sheet out after you apply so the league can use it for scheduling purposes.