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Rules and Regulations

Section I - Player Risk
Each player or team official shall assume all risks, responsibilities and liabilities for loss, damage, injury or death to her/himself while using property and facilities of the Aztec Cup Sports LLC and whether such loss, damage, injury or death be occasioned by the team or by the league, its officers, agents or otherwise.

Section II - Annual Dues
The league fee for membership in the National League is $350.00. This fee will cover the costs of, administrative overhead, and other league matters.  League dues will be due on a date set by the President.  Clubs may pay via credit credit/debit card or check.  Clubs will be required to pay any additional fees or charges via credit/debit card for processing and or late fees.  Teams in Spring 2022 will be giving a three week grace period to receive reimbursement after registration if said period is at least three weeks prior to your first game.

Section III - Purpose
a. To provide an organizational structure for clubs who choose to join the league.
b. To establish League rules
c. To publicize the options a club has if opponents to not adhere to League rules.
d. To Collect dues from clubs or league entry to cover administrative costs, costs of and awards for the Divisional champions,
e.  League will work on an annual basis to make sure the fees required of the clubs are appropriate for the expenses of the league.
f. To ensure all clubs are in good standing by participating in all required games, paying their dues, and adhering to Divisional rules.

Section IV - Scheduling and Game Management
By accepting membership in the National League, each member school agrees to participate in all league matches, as scheduled and certified by the Commissioner.  Changes to the National League schedule may be made, with the consent of all affected schools, and the Divisional Commissioner or League President.  Failure to satisfy league game commitments may result in the levying of fines and suspension of membership for the team at fault.

Section V - a. Invitational and Home Games
The host team of an invitational or home game is responsible for scheduling all game officials, scheduling fields, setting game times, and providing accommodation information.   All games involving the host team will be paid for by the host team.  Fees in games involving clubs other than host team will be spilt 50/50 by participating clubs. Payment should be sent to the host team within three weeks of the game(s).
Example of scenario: Team A hosts a weekend with Club B and Club C. Each team will play each other.  Team A will pay for the officials/field costs for games involving Team A vs. Team B and Team A vs. Team C.  The game between Team B vs. Team C will have fees split by the clubs involved.)
The host team is responsible for collecting official's fees and field costs (if any) in a timely manner.   If a match between two non-host teams is not played because of failure of the host team to meet its responsibilities for scheduling a match or provision of game officials, the host team will be placed on probation and will not be allowed to host any conference games for the following season.    In the case of a match being canceled because of the failure of a host team to meet its responsibilities or because of inclement weather, the match will be recorded as a 0-0 tie.
Safety Requirements
a. Home teams are recommended to provide a certified athletic trainer for all contests to respond injuries and provide preventative care as able pre-and post-game.  Providing a certified athletic trainer is viewed as a best practice by the Aztec Cup Sports.

b. Home teams are required to supply a First Aid Kit with basic First Aid equipment, exam gloves, wound pads, adhesive strips, antiseptic wipes, etc.

c. The home team’s insurance covers the match. Teams should work with their sport club coordinator or administrator to make sure they are meeting all insurance requirements for their school.

Section V - b. Officials
Game officials are the responsibility of the home team.   Three (3) licensed officials should be present at every match. Failure to have at least two (2) qualified officials present during a home game will result in a forfeit by the home team. The host team of single game home matches is responsible for the scheduling of game officials and the costs of officials. In the event host clubs are negligent in scheduling game officials and or certified licensed officials; the National League Administration has authority to change the location of league games for the current season, in addition to the following season. All games shall be played under NCAA college rules with exception for unlimited player substitutions (High School Rule).
Only currently registered NISOA, USSF, FIFA or high school certified referees shall officiate league-scheduled games.
The referee shall be the sole judge of all matters pertaining to the game.  All NCAA law applies except where Aztec Cup Sports National League modifications have been made. 
Field Inspection
Before the commencement of each game, the referee shall inspect the playing field and if its conditions render the field unsafe for players, he/she shall call the game off, notifying the two competing teams of his/her decision. 

Section V- c. Game Cancellations & Re-Scheduling
In the event a club either hosting or traveling to a league game has to cancel for various reasons, notification should be at a minimum of 72 hours before the scheduled match.  If the cancellation is greater than this time frame, and expenses (fields, officials, hotels, etc.) are needed to be paid, the negligent club will still need to cover the expenses.  The National League encourages the best effort of both teams to reschedule the canceled game.  However, if the game cannot be rescheduled, the negligent team will be charged with a forfeit and need to reimburse affected clubs.  If a game has been scheduled, canceled, rescheduled and canceled again by the other team, the game will be ruled as a 0-0 tie. In all situations, the National League Commission needs to be notified.

Section VI- Uniforms
For all league matches, each team shall wear uniforms of matching color, design, and pattern.   All jerseys (except those of goalkeepers) must be clearly and uniquely numbered on the back with numbers at least six inches in height.  The color and length of each player's shorts and socks must be consistent with his teammates, and all players must wear shin-guards.   When the uniforms of both teams are similar, the home team shall be required to change.  Failure to comply with the league uniform policy may result in disciplinary action against the teams in violation.   Each team attending a game should have one set of light and dark jerseys (numbered, t-shirt jerseys are acceptable).

Section VII - Ejections
If an individual player is ejected from a league game then that player will be suspended from the next league game.   If an individual player received three (3) ejections during one season, he will be suspended from league play for the remainder of the season.  Two (2) yellow cards issued during one contest shall be equated as a red card disqualification and also result in a subsequent league game suspension.   Club coaches/player-coaches shall follow under this same rule.  This is a self-policing policy.

Section VIII - Forfeitures
In the event an National League member has to forfeit a game, the club would meet the following penalties:
1.) The club would be ineligible for any post season event.
2.) For each forfeited game, possible restitution to affected team(s) might be assessed.
3.) Teams not complying with said policy may be subject to league suspension.
4.) Matches will be recorded as a 3-0 Forfeit (F) in the standings.
Section IX - Game Results and Standings
Each team will be responsible for reporting their game scores within 24 hours of each game.  (The sooner the better)  Games played should have posted on the league website. It important that both the score and game result are posted.  Standings will be determined on a point basis.  A win will count as three points, a tie as one, and a loss as none.   All league games will be included in the determination of conference standings.
a. Game Day Reports
Prior to the start of the game, each team representative will provide the referee and opposing team with a typed roster listing the registered players with numbers participating in the game.  Team Representatives shall report to the league the results of the game, goal(s), list any cards that may have been issued-any violations of rules and regulations by either team. Both teams at the conclusion of the game are to report the results on league website. 

Section X - President's Statement
​In the event a circumstance of significance to the league/divisions arises that is not covered in the League Policies, the President's office is empowered to use their discretion to resolve the matter in the best interest of Aztec Cup Sports LLC.


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