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Aztec Cup Update Video

Aztec Cup '22 Waiver Forms

There are two forms to fill out. 1. Player Waiver form 2. Team Waiver form Both can be seen at this link.

Aztec Cup '22 Schedule

Please note Sunday's game could be adjusted do to travel requirements of teams

Aztec Cup Media Guide

Check what news with Aztec Cup '22, Tournament Information, and Sponsor Programs

Aztec Cup '22 Skillz Competition Registration

Join in the Fun this Oct 8th. Events include Soccer Tennis/Teqball, 3v3 tournament, Freestyle Competition, and Keeper Wars

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Aztec Cup Team/Player Check off List

Waiver Forms - There are two

  • Individual Player form - complete by 10/1
  • SDSU team waiver form - turn in to directors tent 1 hour prior to first game.  

Here is link to access these forms

Photo ID - make sure to bring a valid photo ID for each game for check in.

Tape/pre-wrap - ATC will do taping but players need to bring tape and be 1 hour prior to event for treatment

Water Bottles - water will be the facility but bottles will not be supplied

Uniforms - each player needs a specific number/uniform for the games. No sharing of uniforms in a game is allowed. 


SDSU Safety protocols for Aztec Cup

Below are the SDSU requirements for all participants, volunteers, and officials for the Aztec Cup:

  • It is strongly recommended (but not required) that all participants be tested for Covid prior to participating. 
  • Individuals should refrain from participating in the event if they have tested positive within 10 days of the event

  • Individuals should refrain from participating in the event if they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms

Aztec Cup Sports

Aztec Cup Sports offering college club soccer team management support for tournaments, leagues, and events. 


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Aztec Cup Sports

Aztec Cup Sports

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