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Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules                      
Each team will play a minimum of 3 games        
The Championship Trophy will go to the winner                  
The tournament point system:                    
Win = 3 points                      
Tie = 1 points         All results and updates will be posted at    
Loss = 0 points                      
Forfeits = The winning team is awarded a 3-0 win.                
Tournament Tiebreakers for Pool Play Only:       Tournament Tiebreaker for QF, Semifinals and Finals:  
1-Head to Head Competition         No overtime, direct to penalty kicks.    
2-Goals Differential           Winner is best of 5 kicks unless it is still tied then sudden death.
3-Goal For - Capped 6 Goals/Game          
4-Goals Against                    
5-Most Wins 6 - Coin Toss                        
Game Length –                 
40-Minutes halves - running clock - Pool Play and Consolation games              
If an opponent is not ready to play 5 minutes after the game clock is started, a forfeit win will be awarded to the opposing team.    
5 minute halftime                      
No Overtimes- Pool play games will end in a tie, Finals will go directly to penalty kicks.          
Each team will provide a game ball.                  
The visiting team will change kit if color conflict.                
A modified tournament format will be used if any of the games have to be postponed or cancelled due to circumstances out of our control (ie the weather).
Red Cards                        
Any player receiving a red card during the course of the tournament will be ejected from the game immediately and be asked to leave the  
vicinity of the playing field, and is ineligible for the team’s next game. The referees and/or staff at Aztec Cup will determine if the    
carded player’s action warrants suspension from the tournament entirely.            
Protests are NOT allowed. Any situation not explicitly covered by the rules will be resolved by the Tournament Directors.    
Decisions relating to the interpretation of the Tournament Rules can only be made by the Tournament Directors.      
The Director of Directors Cup (Chris Real), Aztec Cup Sport LLC Director (JB Blessinger), and Associated Director (Brandon Shleutter)          
and the Aztec Cup Assistant Directors  are the final decision makers in any matters regarding the tournament,        
Due to travel arrangements of teams  the Semifinal/Finals for each division are subject to change          
There is no roster limit, but each team must submit a finalized roster sheet to directors tent prior to first game. Also all players need to be registered with Cal South 
 Also a completed roster must be given to field manager/ref prior to each game.             
Game Check In                      
Each player must present valid ID prior to field manager before the start of each game.  Student ID or drivers license will be acceptable  
Team Check In                      
Only One Team representative needs to check into Director's Tent 30 prior to first game to verify roster, etc        
Teams will one allowed on one side of field and spectators need to be on opposite side of field.         


Tournament Formats

The Tournament reserves the right to alter the game formats to enhance competition and to improve the overall quality of the Tournament.

Divisions will play as follows:

For those new managers out there: 

Cross Over means you don't play the teams that you are seeded against in your bracket, you play the teams in the opposite bracket. For example, A plays B and B plays A.

Round Robin means you play the other teams you are seeded against within your bracket.  For example, all 4 teams in group A play each other.


Will consist of two (2) groups of three (3) teams each. They will play each team in their Bracket.  Top 2 teams from each Group will go to Semfinals/Finals. Third Place teams will go to consolation game.   


Will consist of two (2) Groups of four (4) teams each. Each team will play the other teams in its Group for a total of three (3) preliminary round games (2 games Friday, 1 game Saturday morning). The winner of Group A will play the second place team in Group B in Semifinal #1, the winner of Group B will play the second place team in Group A in Semifinal #2 (Either Saturday afternoon/evening, or Sunday morning). The Semifinal winners will meet in the Final


Will consist of two (2) groups of three (3) and one group of four (4). Teams in Bracket A will play teams in Bracket Bteams in bracket C will play a round robin within their four (4) team Bracket C. Team with the highest points between Bracket A and Bracket B (Seed 1) combined  will advance to play the (Seed 3) W/C #1 (from all groups) and  (Seed 2) 1st in Group C play the (Seed 4) W/C #2  (from all groups)  Winners meet in the final.


Will consist of three (3) Groups of four (4) teams each. The winner of each group plus 1 W/C will advance to Semi-Final. The winner of Group A will play the winner of Group B. (Semi-Final 1) The winner of Group C will play W/C (from all brackets team with highest points and then using tie breaker rules (Semi-Final 2) If wild card  comes from Group C then wild card will play the winner of Group A and the winner of Group C will play the winner of Group B. The semifinal winners will meet for the Championship


Will consist of four (4) groups – two (2) groups of four (4) which will play within their bracket (round robin formation within their four(4) team divisionand two (2) groups of three (3) which will play crossover (Group A plays teams in Group B and Group B plays teams in Group A).

Winner of Group A/B combined will be Seed 1 (team with the highest point total for 3 games from group A or B)

Group A/B Seed 1 will play 1st Place of Group D (Seed 3) - Semi-Final #1

1st Place of Group C (Seed 2) will play W/C #1 (seed 4) - Semi-Final #2

(W/C comes from all brackets - see tie breaker rules (head to head tiebreaker rule will apply if applicable otherwise tie breaker rules will start at step two, least goals against etc etc.)

Semi-Final winners will meet in the final

Directors Cup National Finals at ECU Format Explained

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather or field conditions, games may:

1. Be shortened

2. Go to F.I.F.A. penalty kicks

3. Be canceled - Score will stand if game is in to the second half.  If cancelled prior to half time score is determined by penalty kicks.

If the Tournament Director rules that during the preliminary round penalty kicks will be taken due to inclement weather or field conditions, the following rain rule will apply:

· Each team will take a maximum of five (5) penalty kicks if stoppage is before Half Time.  If after half time score will stand as is.

· At the end of five (5) kicks the game will be scored as a 1-0 win for the team that has scored more penalty kicks, or a 0-0 tie if both teams are tied in penalty kicks at the end of five (5) kicks

· In the overall standings, 3 points will be given for the win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss

· The 1-0 win in penalty kicks will not be counted for or against to determine the tie breaker for advancement

· If regular games have been played in the bracket and the Tournament Director has determined that other games go to penalty kicks due to inclement weather or field conditions, the regular games score will revert back to a 1-0 win or a 0-0 tie.

In the event of an unusual event that results in a significant loss of game time, the lost game time may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Tournament Directors. The rescheduling of the lost game time is subject to field availability. An example of an unusual event would be a major injury to a player, which prevented the use of the playing field. The Tournament defines a significant loss of game time as more than half of the game. An accumulation of time delays due to minor/moderate injuries to several players would not constitute an unusual event nor will these delays be considered lost game time. An accumulation of time delays resulting from the normal course of a game will not be considered lost game time.

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